April 2015 - The Appeti Tennis Open 2015

The Appeti Tennis Easter Junior Tournament 2015 took place this week for it’s second year and was a great success.

Well done to all the players that took part and thanks to parents and friends who came to support the players and the centre.

Helen did a fantastic job refereeing all week, as the tournament took place on all of the indoor and outdoor courts spread over the site, so was very busy. We didn’t see her stand still all week.

The Appeti Tennis Easter Junior Tournament Mini Tennis event was a real highlight of the week. Thanks to Tim, Graham, Becca, Evie, Morgan and Ollie for doing a really job as court supervisors for the event. They were all very professional. And thanks to George Richards who helped out during the day and worked very hard at whatever role and job he was given.

Congratulations to al the finalists for some great performances.

We are really looking forward to next year’s competition.

<a href="https://flic.kr/s/aHsk6BBQbg"target="_blank">Click here to see photos from the week.