January 2010 - Parents Too!

We appreciate the number of hours, as a parent, you spend watching your child on the tennis court and are aware that many of you are either keen players or would like to come along and have a go.

Therefore we are starting a parents play session on Sunday evenings from 8pm - 10pm. These two hours will be dedicated to parents and other adult family members. No racket, no problem you are welcome to borrow a racket any time you come to play.

There is no need to make a regular commitment as this is a drop in session so you can come along any week you are available but we hope you will enjoy it so much that you want to become a regular player.

The two hour session will normally cost £5 for parents and £8 for other adults but as a taster during January 2010 we are offering parents the opportunity to come along and play totally free of charge.

Remember there is no need to book but if you do want more information then please feel free to contact Helen at the Centre.