July 2010 - Appeti Players at Wimbledon!!!

It was a bumper Wimbledon for The Appeti Tennis Centre this year, with twenty-six juniors visiting The Championships during the two weeks. As well as the thirteen pairs of tickets the centre received for it's players, three trips organised by coaches meant that more kids than ever got to experience the special atmosphere of Wimbledon.

Eb Appeti took a group of six junior players to queue overnight for the first Monday The day proved very exciting, as within 10 minutes of getting into the grounds Rafa walked past the Appeti group on his way to the practice courts. Rafa practised for two hours and rewarded Spencer, who sat and watched for the full 2 hours, with his towel. The group of kids also got photos with Rafa and Serena, obviously a good luck charm as both players went onto win the Championships. This was to be the start of the excitement with Federer's nail biting match proving very tense and Djokovic's match under the roof ending at 11pm, the latest match ever played at Wimbledon. After loads of cheering, mexican waves and slow hand clapping Evie was rewarded with Djokovic's towel and everyone went home tired but happy.

Richard Myall took five juniors with tickets provided by The Tennis Foundation, three of whom had never been to Wimbledon before. It was great for them to sit on Centre Court and they got to see both the Ladies and Men's Champions Serena and Rafa. All the youngsters came away really inspired. Thanks to The Tennis Foundation for a fantastic day.

The last trip was organised by Helen Shattower, who took three of the centre's youngest players aged between 7-8 years old for a day, none of the kids had been to Wimbledon before, although we are confident that they will be playing there in a decade. It was a great experience for them and after double checking there was no chance they could test out Centre Court, they went to the practice courts were they given practice balls from Djokovic. After watching Rafa practising the boys went onto to meet with "Uncle" Toni Nadal, who happily posed for a photo with the three boys, making everyone back at the centre very jealous!

<a href="https://flic.kr/s/aHsjqZrqkc"target="_blank">Click here to see photos from Ebs trip.

<a href="https://flic.kr/s/aHsjrfQnZy"target="_blank">Click here to see photos from Helens trip.