July 2012 - A Great Day Out at Wimbledon!

Our second Wimbledon group visit took place on Friday 6th July 2012 when three of our coaches headed towards Wimbledon with nine of our younger players. This was a new experience for most of the youngsters involved and had been anticipated with great enthusiasm for several weeks before hand!

The day finally arrived and although the weather was rainy a cheerful group met up to head towards the Park and Ride at Morden Park. From there it was a short bus ride to Wimbledon and The Championships!

As it was still raining the youngsters took the opportunity to head towards the main entrance and look through the fence at where the players arrive. Many were interested to see, where they hoped to be entering in the future, however for the time being it was back to the ticket holders gate where bags were checked and we finally made it into the grounds.

The rain refused to dampen the youngsters spirits and it wasn’t long before we were having a quick look inside Centre Court where, much to the group’s excitement the roof started to close.

After a brief visit to Court 1 the youngsters had a great hour exploring the bases in the play tennis area. The reaction walls proved a firm favourite and it was here that the group met up with Eb and Faye who had Centre court tickets for the day.
Finally the sun came out and players started to take to the courts! The Williams sisters were on court 1 and Mr William’s, Serena and Venus’ dad, appeared and very patiently posed for photos and signed autographs for all the youngsters.

For most of our players the high spot of the day was when, thanks to Eb and Faye loaning their tickets, they had the chance to see Andy Murray playing Tsonga on Centre Court. This was a fantastic experience for the group and really inspired them to work harder so they to could be playing on that court in the future!
After a long but enjoyable day the group headed back to the Park and Ride and from there, after a brief stop at a playground, onto Canterbury.

A great time had been had by all and hopefully some of the youngsters will remember this, their first experience of Wimbledon, when they are playing there in the future!!!

<a href="https://flic.kr/s/aHsjAtFq99"target="_blank">Click here to see photos from the trip.