July 2012 - James through to Road to Wimbledon National Finals.

We would like to congratulate James Davies on qualifying for The National Finals in this year’s HSBC’s Road to Wimbledon competition.

James has won through both the Appeti Centre’s draw and the County play offs to reach this stage.

At the county finals James beat Harvey Conway (7.1), Parklangley in the quarter finals 4-1. 4-0. He then faced Tommy Cartledge (5.2), West Heath in the semi’s who he beat 4-1, 4-1, and finally Lucas Percy, Parklangley in the final.

With both boys having the same rating it was bound to be a close affair but James manage to pull through and take the match 4-1, 5-4(5).

James now goes on to play in the National finals which, this year are being held at the Bank of England Sport Centre, Roehampton.

We all wish James good luck and hope he enjoys the experience!