July 2016 - Benenden Grass Court Season Family Tournament 2016

On Sunday 3rd July 12 family pairings competed in the Centre’s Family Grass Court Season Tournament.

This year's format saw one mini player partnered with an over 18 family member. The players were arranged into round robin boxes of 4 with the winner and runner up in each case moving onto a compass draw final stage whilst everyone else enjoyed some extra matches!


After some closely fought matches Jake Steer and his dad Alan won through to meet Max Baldry and his cousin Lewis in the final!

The final proved to be another great match with both pairs matching each other point for point!


With a large group of spectators cheering them on both teams focuses well but at 8 all Max and Lewis just pulled ahead to secure the win and title 10-8!


<a href="https://flic.kr/s/aHskzi9DYS"target="_blank">Click here to see photos from the event.