July 2016 - Wimbledon Trip 2016

This year The Canterbury High School had 10 tickets through the school's LTA ballot for Wimbledon. On Friday 1st July, 8 youngsters, Mr Farrell from The Canterbury High School and Helen, from Appeti Tennis set off to enjoy a day at Wimbledon.

The minibus headed to the Park and Ride and after a short coach trip we entered the Wimbledon grounds!


Due to the persistent rain the courts were all covered so most of the group had a quick tour round whilst the others headed to find their seats on Court 2!

The tour gave the youngsters chance to see inside Centre Court and for some of the youngsters from the Appeti Tennis School the opportunity to imagine what it will be like when they get to play there! We then moved onto Court 1 before viewing Henman Hill and the media area.

As play was due to start everyone headed towards Court 2 where Dustin Brown and Nick Kyrgios were about to play their second round match! Unfortunately after just the first game the rain returned and play was suspended! Without the luxury of a roof we headed for shelter and lunch!


With what proved to be quite a substantial rain delay the whole group headed towards centre court and the role of honour area but not before the youngsters were complimented on their fantastic attitude and behaviour from some of their fellow spectators!

Walking along the Role of Honour area gave the youngsters chance to reflect on some of Wimbledon's history and the great players from the past! Names like Bjorn Borg, Martinia Navratilova and Boris Becker who had held the title over a number of years right up to modern day where Roger Federer, Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic are frequent winners! It also gave us chance to discuss the future and predict when our youngsters names may appear! Not saying who but watch this space for 2022!

Finally the rain stopped and so we made a quick trip to buy some souvenirs so once play restarted we could focus on the match! With matches about to start we decided to stake out the players entrances which proved successful as we had chance to see Tsonga, Navarro, Brown and Kyrgios heading to their courts!


We then headed to our seats which gave a great view of what proved to be a brilliant and entertaining match with both players creating some fantastic points! With all scores level at 2 sets all we settled into the final set but just as it got underway the heaven opened and play unfortunately had to be suspended!

We then headed to the Play Tennis area and after a chance for the youngsters to see who could serve the fastest and play the best mini tennis it was time to head back to Canterbury!

<a href="https://flic.kr/s/aHskDwtAM4"target="_blank">Click here to see photos from The Trip.