June 2013 - Kent 9U Aegon Team Tennis - Appeti V Faversham

Last Sunday our 9U team were drawn against Faversham at home in the next stage of the Aegon Team Tennis summer event. Having already won their two previous rounds against Canterbury LTC and Wye our team of William Gee, Joseph Richards, Christian Theobald and James Reid were keen to make it a clean sweep.

William and Joseph were up first to face the Faversham team in their singles. Will played confidently and left the court having beaten Inigo Pullen 7-3, 7-3. Joseph was against Reuben Saul and after some great rallies was able to pull ahead and take the match 7-3, 7-3. Christian had a much closer match against Frazer Sladden but after a long battle managed to just win through and take the match 6-8, 7-5, 11-9. Meanwhile on the other court James was playing Edward Good and not to be outdone by his team mates left the court with a 7-0, 7-4 victory which meant after the first round we were 8-0 up

In the second round Will faced Reuben. Once again Will showed his greater experience and took the match 7-0, 7-3. Joseph played well against Inigo and secured another win for the team with a score of 7-3, 7-2. This time Christian played Edward and won through 7-2, 7-0. James then faced Frazer. James worked hard but was not able to convert the points and Frazer took the opportunity to take the match for Faversham 2-7, 5-7.

There was just time for the doubles with Will and Joseph joining forces to beat Reuben and Inigo 7-3, 7-3 whilst Christian and James just lost out to Frazer and Edward 5-7, 5-7. This meant that the overall result was a 16-4 win to Appeti.

All the boys returned to the Academy room where they enjoyed sharing tea before Faversham had to head home.

Congratulations to our team on finishing as overall winners in our box and thank you to the lads from Faversham for an enjoyable afternoon of tennis!

<a href="https://flic.kr/s/aHsjFG5Yoo"target="_blank">Click here to see photos from the match.