November 2012 - Appeti Tennis - Sponge Ball Tournament November 2012

Last Saturday saw 31 players, coaches and parents competing in November’s Appeti Sponge ball Tournament.

Many of the competitors were seasoned ‘sponge ballers' but this year we were delighted to welcome a number of newcomers as well.

The evening started with all the players being divided into boxes. The first round saw some close contests but special mention should go to Joseph Richards who, although being one of the youngest competitors on the night, just missed out on the main draw by a few points. At the end of the qualifying rounds the top two players gained a place in the main draw whilst everyone else headed towards the consolation rounds.

The next stage saw some fierce competition with everyone eager to win their box and for those in the main draw, gain their place in the final. It was at this stage that reigning champion Tim Bean suffered his first defeat of the evening against Jamie Wallace, losing 10-5. This proved to deny him the opportunity to defend his title in the final when after some close matches Oliver Richards won through to face Jamie Wallace in one semi whilst Ffion Newberry went through as the lucky loser to play Seb Kay in the other.

The final was an exciting affair with both players being equally supported by the growing crowd! However after some brilliant points Jamie was able to take this year’s title 10-3.

The evening finished with everyone tucking into Marino’s Fish and Chips while recounting their favourite shots of the evening.

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