November 2013 - Kent 10U Junior Tennis League - Appeti v Wye

Our latest match in the Kent Junior Tennis League saw our 10U team drawn away to Wye.

Ciaran Brewer and William Gee were chosen to represent The Appeti Tennis Centre whilst Lucas Hanley and Oliver Marsh played for Wye.

The first round of matches saw the boys playing their singles against each other. Ciaran faced Lucas whilst Will was against Oliver. After a quick knockup the lads were ready to start.

Will’s greater experience showed through on his court and he confidently won his match without dropping a game.

Ciaran, however was playing an equally experienced youngster in Lucas and from past matches this was going to be a close affair. Throughout the match both boys played some fantastic tennis which had the crowd on the edge of their seats! There was some long rallies which saw the lads moving each other around the court and retrieving some great points. However Ciaran remained focused throughout and showed his increasing maturity in match situations by staying calm and playing some brilliant winning shots to take the match 4-2, 4-1.

This gave us a 2-0 lead going into the doubles. Having both won their singles our lads confidence was high and they played well as a pairing to win the match 4-2, 4-0.

Congratulations to Will and Ciaran on some superb play throughout the league. This is another great result which has seen the boys finishing top of their box without dropping a set between them!