September 2013 - Launch of the Appeti Tennis School

Appeti Tennis are excited to announce the launch of the Appeti Tennis School, a joint initiative between Appeti Tennis and The Canterbury Academy, that allows children with ambition and talent to combine educational studies with a tennis programme.

Each pupil will receive a first class core curriculum academic programme and then be able to choose the academic subjects that suit them best. Players also receive intensive French and Spanish tuition as part of the programme to help them prepare for international travel and a career in tennis. Academic subjects are delivered in a dedicated classroom on a tutor basis by experienced teachers. English, Maths and Science are delivered within the Academy’s grammar school stream. The intensive tennis programme at the Appeti Tennis School includes one to one sessions, squad training, dedicated practice times, tennis specific fitness and sports psychology.

The Canterbury Academy has the perfect credentials to offer this type of education as it is a school that strives for excellence in every area - academic study, practical learning, performing arts and sport. It has been judged 'outstanding' and 'good' under a new, much tougher Ofsted framework.

Executive Principle, Phil Karnavas commented “The key beliefs which underpin and drive all we do are simple. We believe that every learner matters and that every child is good at something – that all children walk with genius – and that school should be the place where children find out what that is or build upon their talent. All I ever really wanted to do was to create a school that I would have liked to have gone to, in which children are happy, safe and excel.”

This is an exciting time for the schools first group of players; Ollie Richards, Rosie Hewett, Ciaran Brewer and Marta Poriete, who started at The Appeti Tennis School last week, they have been pupils of the tennis academy and are now upgrading to the comprehensive tennis school programme.

Over the past 10 years Appeti Tennis have trained many talented players but they have had to juggle school work and an intensive tennis programme which can be overwhelming. The new tennis school will provide the flexibility, communication and funding that is needed to provide a first class education and tennis programme without players having to compromise on either!

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